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Our Goals and Principles of Service


There are fifteen buildings available for students in total. Thirteen buildings are for undergraduate Each housing unit consists of quad rooms. The other two buildings are for graduate students, with four to six twin rooms.

Apart from bedrooms, the common facilities include the living room, bathrooms, laundry room and drying stand. Suspending fans, washing machines and drinking fountain are provided as well. In addition, on the first floor of each building, there are a recreation room with newspapers and the TV sets inside and a study room. In order to supply accommodations for physically challenged students, every section provides special rooms for them. Besides, there are open spaces in dormitory area, such as Dormitory Service Center, Guan-Yun Tower Square, etc.

Dormitory Service Center

The service centers is located in C1 building, including Dormitory Management Office, Dormitory Committee Office, dormitory network helpdesk.

Dormitory Safety

Students’ dormitory not only has managers on duty 24 hours a day, but also facilities for restriction against unauthorized entrance at every main entrance. There are around 100 video cameras surveilling the entries of the fifteen buildings, staircases, squares and so on. And the urgent call buttons all around the campus would supply the perfect protection for students.

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