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Our Goals and Principles of Service

  Military Education Division_Team Members and Duties

Liao Ching-Chieh

1.Guide Division'S Work According To  Dean Of Student Affairs' Direction.

2.Assist  In Supervision, Commandment, And Assessment Of All work In Office.(Teaching,Being On Duty,Clothing Appearance,Discipline,School-Wide Important Activities.)

3.Promote Division's Work,Military Education,Researching And Training .

4.Assist  Colleagues In Dealing With Student's Campus-Safety Events.

5.Distribute  Colleagues' Work And Carry Out Temporary Tasks Assigned By Superiors.

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NAME Lin Shu-Chen Title Military Training Instructor
1.Assist  Students  In The Department Of Business Administration (Ba,Ma, Phd), And Information Management (Ba,Ma,Phd).
2.Conduct High-School-Students Visiting Activity.
3.Help Selecting And Training Students  Participating In The Work Of School-Wide Important Activities And Ceremonies.
4.Conduct  The Related  Work Of   Students' On-Campus Part-Time Job  In  Military Education Division.
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Title Military Training Instructor
1.Assist  Students   In The  College Of Humanities And Applied Sciences.
2.Distribute Electronic Document.
3.Conduct  The Personnel  Work Of Military-Training-Instructor .
4.Conduct The Related Work Of Military Training Instructors' Advanced Studies And Coordination Of Leaving For Business Trip.
5.Undertake Military Training Instructors' Logistics Services (Retirement Fund, Military Insurance, National Health Insurance Application, Write-Off, Household Loan Application, Military Health Check, Military Uniform System Supplement, Etc.).
6.Manage Poster  At  Student Activities Center Sticked By Military Education Division Members.
7.Control The Military Work  In Official Documents From Ministry Of Defense.
8.All-Out Defense Education And Visit To Army Barracks.
9.Assist  Ministry Of Defense  In  Soldier-Recruiting.
10. Implement  All-Out Defense Course.(Assign Course Subject,Curriculum,And Coordinate Classroom.)
11.All-Out Defense Courses Teaching Evalution,Teaching Research And  Auxiliary Teaching Equipment Management.
12.The  Related Work About  Supervising And Visiting Of Military Training(Including Activities Of The Second Midlands All-Out Defense Education Resource Center ). 
13.The  Ceremony part Of The Graduation Ceremony.
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Title Military Training Instructor
1.Assist  Students   In Graduate School Of Engineering Science And Technology,Department Of Mechanical Engineering,And  Department Of Safety Health And Environmental Engineering.
2.Control, Evaluate And Statistical Analyze Autonomous Compound Disaster Prevention Drills Of All  Graduate Schools And  Departments.
3.Campus Safety Center (Emergency Plan And Meeting)/Disaster Drill. 
4.Conduct Campus Safety And Traffic Safety Education Promotion Activities.
5.Control The Login Of Class Leader System And Maintenance Of Campus Security System.
6.Sign A Support Agreement With The Police Unit. 
7.Log In  Student Off-Campus Activities On The Web Page Of Campus Safety Center Of The Ministry Of Education. 
8.Sort And Add Up Campus Safety Events Monthly.
9.Maintain Campus Safety And Anti-Fraud Web Pages.
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Title Military Training Instructor
1.Assist  Students  In Department Of Finance,Industrial Engineering And Management,And Bachelor Program In International Management.
2.Students' Appeals.(Process Student Appeal Committee List,Hold  Student Appeal Conferences,Complete Meeting Minutes And Verdict)
3.Arrange Campus Safety Shift Staff  And Overtime Pay Every Month.
4.Publish, Update, And Manage Military Education Division'S Web Pages And Activity Information.
5.Aggregate  Data Of Military Education Division.(Including School Affairs Meetings, Administrative Meetings, Etc.)
6.Division Meeting's Materials And Minutes.
7.Outdoor Professional Seminars.
8.Promote intellectual property rights.
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NAME Peng, Chi-Chen Title Campus Safety assistant

1.Assist Students  In The Departments Of Industrial Design (Ba,Ma) ,Visual Communication Design (Ba,Ma) ,Creative Design (Ba,Ma),Architecture And Interior Design In Architecture (Ba,Ma)

2.Three-Universities House Rental Alliance.

3. Assess  Rental safety  with the police and firefighters and  visit Renting-house students .

4.Student Off-Campus Rental Service And Assist In  Dealing With Dispute.

5.Manage Rental Website.

6.Consolidate The Advisors' Newsletter Information  About The Work Of The Military Training Division.

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NAME Ting,Yi-Wei Title Campus Safety assistant

1.Assist Students  In The Department Of Undeclared Major Of Science Engineering And Technology,Department Of Electrical Engineering (Bs,Ms),And Department Of Construction Engineering (Bs,Ms).

2. Students' Military Service.

3. Youth Mobilization Service.

4.Property management.

5.Manage  office environment.

6.Manage Expenses Of The Military Training Division.

7.Comprehensive Business Of Student Grade Assembly

 (Including Inviting Speakers).

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NAME Hwu Jing-Long Title Campus Safety assistant

1.Assist Students  In Thedepartment Of Electrical Engineering (Bs,Ms)  And Department Of Chemical And Materials Engineering (Bs,Ms,Phd).

2.Anti-Drug Advocacy.

3.Assist The Anti-Drug Community.

4.Sign The Official Documents Of The School Unit And The Yunlin County Liaison Office Of The Ministry Of Education.
5.Plan Graduation Ceremony Activities And Preparatory Meetings.
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Title Campus Safety assistant

1.Assist Students  In The Department Of Computer Science And Information Engineering (Bs,Ms),Department Of Accounting,Graduate School Of Design,And Department Of Digital Media Design. 

2.Plan And Implement Traffic Safety Education.

3.Student car parking permit application and issuance.

4.Ceremony  Of School Anniversary.

5.''The Principal Has An Appointment With The Students''Activity.

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