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Our Goals and Principles of Service

  Voluntary Service
Service Learning Division is in charge of the related affairs of the rights, obligations, recruitment, training program, rewards and punishments, welfare, protection, announcement, guidance and appeal of volunteers in the YunTech.

In order to integrate human resources so that those students and staffs who are willing to devote themselves to voluntary service can make their efforts efficiently, promote the development of the society, improve the living quality, and enhance the virtue of voluntary service. Everyone is welcome to join the voluntary service.

Those who are students or staffs in the YunTech are qualified as volunteers.

Training courses:

1.    New volunteers must finish 24 hours of "Foundation training course" and "Specific training course" to obtain the Voluntary Service Certificate" and "Service Record Handbook".

2.    Un-periodical seminars, opinions exchange and on-the-job training annually.

Voluntary Service Items:

1.    Off-campus voluntary service:

(1)  To cooperate with governmental institutions and international institutions to conduct various voluntary service.

(2)  Various community service advocated by the YunTech.

(3)  Related off-campus voluntary service advocated by the YunTech.  

(4)  Other social service which fit in with the "Voluntary Service Act".

2.    On-campus voluntary service:

(1)  Environmental protection service - environmental protection volunteers.

(2)  Technical service - health care volunteers.

(3)  Campus activities service - campus volunteers and ceremony service volunteers, etc.

(4)  Campus public affairs service - volunteers in the library, art center, consultation center, etc.

(5)  Other - on campus volunteers' activities.  

Those whose involvement in voluntary service for more than 1 year, or service hours more than 150 hours may hand in their Voluntary Service Record Handbook or other related documents to apply for Voluntary Service Certificate from the Service Learning Division .

Those whose involvement in voluntary service for more than 3 years, or service hours more than 300 hours may hand in related documents to apply for Voluntary Service Honor Cards from the official authorities. Volunteers may be free of charge when entering public sightseeing areas, non-reserved-seated entertaining places and cultural-educational facilities by showing their Voluntary Service Honor Cards.

Those who have been involving in voluntary service and have been certificated by the YunTech will have the priority for applying for "substitute military service" of related categories.

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