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Our Goals and Principles of Service

  Service Learning

1.    Aims:
In order to encourage colleges to promote the service learning, which combines "courses" and "community service" , assists students in applying what they have learned in the classes, developing the capacity for self-reflection, appreciating cultural diversity, understanding of social issues, and fostering civilization, the MoE (Ministry of Education) advocates profound service learning oriented course.

2.   The so-called service learning oriented courses are systematically well-designed and planned courses which connect off-campus service and learning aims of students' on-campus learning, including the following contents:

(1)  On-campus learning, which is helpful for students' service and reflection.

(2)  Off-campus voluntary service, such as service in communities or Non-Profit Organizations,  which is relevant to course aims.

(3)  The assessment of students' learning results.

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