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Our Goals and Principles of Service

  Health Checkups

Health Checkups for freshmen

1.   Aims: In order to control the infection on campus and implement the health management of all the students and staffs in YunTech, all freshmen must hand in health checkup report while registering according to related regulation, so that we are able to maintain the health database of all students in YunTech, and follow up the work of health consultation.

2.   The health checkup policy is based on related regulations from "Student Health Checkup Method" enacted by the Ministry of Education.

3.    The subjects of practice: All freshmen in the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

4.    Conducting Date and Schedule: Shall be released at the beginning of every semester.

u  The following information is for native students,

International students please download and read this file, or contact our staffs in the Overseas and Foreign Student Advising Section to have more information.

5.    Venue: Auditorium

6.    Checkup Items (Compulsive items)

(1)  General items

(2)  Chest X-ray

(3)  B-type hepatitis

(4)  Regular blood inspection

(5)  Cholesterol

(6)  Liver function

(7)  Kidney function

(8)  Urine inspection

7.   Students may choose by free will to pay for extra checkup items(the amount of fee will be noted at the checkup venue)

The extra checkup items include:

Electrocardiogram, German measles, Liver cancer inspection etc.

8.   Inspection Institution: Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Da-Lin Branch.

9.   Inspection Fee: NTD 710.

10. Some other information:

(1)  In order to save time, please fill in and print out the checkup form from the website, and bring     to the checkup venue.

(2)  Please bring one ID photo picture. (2" size), or print it out from digital file attached to the checkup form.

(3)  For those who cannot come along to have health checkup, please download the checkup form from the webpage of the Health Section, and go to public hospitals or community hospitals to have checkup with the checkup form. Then hand in the checkup form to the checkup venue(i.e. the fourth floor of the Gymnasium) on registration day, or mail to the Health Section before the due date.

(4)  Please note that it will take 7-10 working days to get the checkup result, so you should arrange the checkup date with consideration.

(5)  Those who cannot hand in the checkup report in due date won't be able to finish the registration procedure according to the regulation.

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