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Our Goals and Principles of Service

  Medical Consultation Service

The Related Information about the Medical Consultation
 in the First Term of the 104th Academic Year

pointf.pngService Time: PM12:30-14:30 on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from
the beginning of the semester.

pointf.pngVenue: The Health Section.
(On the ground floor of the Student Activities Center)

pointf.pngConsultation Specialists: The doctors providing consultation are from our
contracted hospitals, so they are from various specialists. The detailed
      information is on the schedule table.

pointf.pngConsultation Service: Various specialist doctors will provide professional
medical consultation service; every student and teacher can consult according
      to individual condition, and the Health Section will invite experts to provide 

pointf.pngService Method:

1.    In person: Making a reservation before 4 PM of the day before the consultation
day (for consultation on Mondays, you must make a reservation by the end
of the office hour of the last Friday). Or you can make a reservation via E-mail.

2.    Via telephone: During the service time, you may come along to the Health
 Section and consult the doctors via telephone.

3.    Via Internet: You may also visit our website to consult at any time, and we will
  invite doctors to answer your questions.
The URL is:

If you have any further enquiries, please contact our office:

Health Center (extension number: 2342-2343 or

P.S. The related content of the medical consultation will be released on our
         web pages at the 
beginning of every month.

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