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Our Goals and Principles of Service

  Student Activities Center

l Student Activity Center contains a multi-functional auditorium, with 600 seats, for lectures, movie showings and artistic performance, 43 club offices, 15 club classrooms including of 2 music-practicing rooms, 3 club assembly rooms, 2 piano rooms, 3 indoor-activity rooms, 2 exhibition rooms, 1 aesthetic room, 1 audio-visual room along with 3 professional rooms respectively for tea ceremony, flower ceremony and meditation. Other indoor and outdoor space is available for clubs to hold different kinds of activities.

l A number of stores doing business are additionally established in the center, such as a supermarket, a bookstore, a self-service post office, and so on to supply the consumer goods in daily lives.


l In addition to the equipment owned by clubs themselves, there are  2 sets of auto-changer cine-projector, 1 set of light-stereo-screen controlling equipment in the multi-functional auditorium, 4 sets of stereo equipment, shared by all clubs.   
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