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Our Goals and Principles of Service


u  Welcoming Events for Freshmen

In order to help the new students adapt to the new campus life, and provide new students with colorful campus life, the Extra-Curricular Activities Section, the Student Association, student societies, and the student association of every department will hold joint events annually including concerts, Community Carnival, various welcoming parties etc.

u  Anniversary Celebration and Campus Carnival

The Anniversary Celebration of the YunTech is on the 28th November, so the serial activities will be arranged around this special day. The main events include inviting some performing arts groups (ex. music, dance, opera...etc) to YunTech to perform and the serial carnivals held by the various kinds of clubs in our university. Besides, the Campus Carnival for Anniversary Celebration will also be held around the Anniversary Celebration Day on the LongTan Rd., so that not only the teachers and students can take parts but also the community residents. It is the biggest event annually in the YunTech.

u  The Arts Festival

The Arts Festival is held annually from March to May, which includes big art events along with exhibitions of student clubs, ex. dancing performance, music concerts, works exhibitions, the joint party consisting of dance performance, Wind Instruments playing and Folk Dance, Rock and Roll concert, and the joint exhibition of Pottery Art Club and Garden Design Club. The art event had invited some famous performance groups such as the Cloud Gate Theater and the JU Percussion Group, which all have been given great feedback from the community and the whole school.  

Besides, during March and April, the division line between the southern and northern campus, i.e. the LongTan Road, the Mango trees are blooming, which is the spotlight of all the university. Then, in May, it is the season for"Hit Mango", a traditional event of the Art Festival of YunTech and an interesting activity for residents in the Long-Tan neighborhood and students.

u  Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony is one of the biggest events in YunTech. In order to make the graduates impressed and to keep good memories, we have been trying our best to project every year. In addition to the project planning and schedule control, The Extra-Curricular Activities Section is also in charge of the farewell events, the graduate awards, the produce of graduate gifts, the publishing of Graduation Ceremony handbook, the election of the graduates' representative and other related events. In the Graduation Ceremony of the 104th academic year, we broke the rule by holding the Ceremony in open air. 


A. NYUST Sports Day:

In March, School Sports Day is the best time for teachers and students to exercise, in which event, everyone works together wholeheartedly and the sportsmanship will be clearly shown. In 2015, YunTech held the National University Sports Games, in which event, the opening ceremony surprised every visitor.

B. Christmas Eve Party:

"Christmas Eve Party" is held by the Office of Student Affairs every December. In recent years, the Christmas Eve Party is joint-held by YunTech, Transworld Institute of Technology, and National Formosa University , so that students could celebrate this exciting festival together.


u  Other Facilities for Holding Events:

YunTech has several squares, such as dormitory B.B.Q. space, the Rotary Park , Water Tower square, YunTech Lake , and Humanity College Grassland etc, providing students fantastic places to hold outdoor events or small parties.

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