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Our Goals and Principles of Service

  Students Societies
Extra-curricular activities are well-developed in NYUST. By participating in extra-curricular activities, students can foster the capacity for leadership, develop open-minded characteristics, and learn to build good interpersonal relationship. There are 72 societies in total, including the Student Association, Academic and Arts-oriented, Amusement-oriented, Charity and Voluntary Service-oriented and Synthetic-oriented clubs, as the following tables show.  The number of the clubs is growing year by year. Every student joins no less than one club in order to enjoy a colorful college life. Besides, each club regularly holds a variety of activities like special training courses, exhibitions, contests, concerts, movie screening, reunions, and so on.  

The Student Association

The Student Association consists of the committee and the administrative center, conducting various events and assisting student activities.

 15 Academic and Arts-Oriented Clubs

There are 15 Academic and Arts Clubs including clubs of traditional arts, literature, culture, technology, and education. It is especially quite essential for students of an university of science and technology to foster various capacities according to their interests.


Photographing Club

Pottery Art Club

Coffee Tasting Club

Christian Club

FuGi Club

Garden Designing Club

Animation Club

Xi-Xin Club

Traditional Hand Puppet Shows Study Club

Buddhism Study Club

Illustration Club

Korean Study Club

Fishing Club

Water Resource Preservation Club

Falun Dafa Learning Club


23 Amusement-Oriented Clubs

There are 23 Amusement Clubs including amusing and sports clubs, for the purpose of providing relaxation. In addition to the interpersonal interaction, the amusement clubs also provide the students opportunities for taking parts in the performance of non-profit activities off the campus. 

Swimming Club

Tennis Club

Taekwondo Club

Billiards Club

Table Tennis Club

Cycling Club

Piano Club

Mountain-Climbing Club

Kendo Club

Boxing Club

Ballroom Dance


Chinese Music Club


Roller Skating Club

Wind Band Club

Chess Club

Magic Club

Guitar Club

Pop Dance Club

Aerobic Dance Club

Folk Dance Club

Pop Music Club


8 Charity and Voluntary Service-Oriented Clubs

The aims of the charity and voluntary service clubs are for students to devote themselves to the society. In addition to the community service and regular service, they also devote themselves in orphanages, rest homes, social service, voluntary communities, non-profit activities and other essential assistant works. In service clubs, we hope that students can learn to communicate and care for other people with love. "It is more blessed to give than to receive", we hope that every student can learn from it. 

YunTech Community Service Club

Oua Oua Club

LisTen Club

YunTech Scouts Club

Hand in Hand Club

YunTech Tzu Chi Club

YunTech First Aid Club

Chuen Huei Club


3 Association-Oriented Clubs  

Graduate Association

Joshua Elite Association

Association of International Student


                                                         22 Synthetic Clubs

Synthetic Clubs are the student associations of individual departments, the main
purpose is to build the connection amongst the students, departments and clubs,
so that they can solve the problems that students have either in campus life or in study

Electronic Engineering
Department Association

Business Administration
Department Association

Space Design
Department Association

Electrical Engineering
Department Association

Information Management
Department Association

Industrial Design
Department Association

Mechanical Engineering
Department Association

Industrial Management
Department Association

Applied Foreign
Department Association

Safety Health and Environment Engineering
Department Association

Department Association

Education Program

Chemical and Material Engineering Department Association

Department Association

Cultural Heritage
Conservation Department Association

Construction Engineering
Department Association

Visual Communication
Design Department Association

Leisure and Exercise Studies Department Association

Digital Media Design
Department Association

Chinese Studies
Department Association

Computer and Communication Engineering Department Association

Creative Design Department Association


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