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Our Goals and Principles of Service

  Extra-Curricular Activities Section_Team Members and Duties
Yu, Shih-Cheng

1. In charge of the general affairs of extra-curricular activities following the policy of the Dean of OSA.
2. To guide the students' activity center and various student societies to develop their characteristics.
3. Other related affairs.

Telephone 05-534-2601Ext.2321、2711

NAME Tien, Rui Liang Title Assistant Teacher

1. To guide Student Association and related affairs, including first-auditing expenses, assist the election of president of SA, the making of NYUST notebooks and freshmen welcome events
2. To hold leaning camps for cadre members of student societies.
3. To conduct serial Anniversary activities and Festival related affairs.
4. To train and guide hosts and emcees in big events.
5. To announce news of various project events and provide articles to "Yun Shen".
6. To supervise various affairs of amusement clubs.
7. Management of the regulations of student activity center and related affairs of posting posters.
8. To supervise the off-campus activities of service societies during winter and summer vacation.
9. To deal with the communication among societies in Chang-Hua and Yun Lin area.
10. To hold the joint party of universities in Yun Lin county.
11. Other assigned tasks.

Telephone 05-534-2601Ext.2324

NAME Wu Tien-Ming Title Assistant Teacher

1. To supervise and guide student associations of departments and association societies.
2. To deal with general affairs of our section, coordinate, and make collective reports.
3. To hold activities of Weekly Meeting of NYUST.
4. To hold the activities of "Try to be a freshman of NYUST".
5. To supervise and affairs of Graduate Association, editing of year books and related events of "graduates' meeting with the president".
6. To deal with the management of public property and equipment in our section. (including equipment purchase, report and auditing, repair)
7. To conduct the election of representatives of student meetings.
8. The election of "Outstanding Youth".
9. Other assigned tasks.

Telephone 05-534-2601分機2323

NAME Chen, Chiu Zu Title Assistant  

1. To conduct the statistic of students activities records.
2. To conduct the registration of student societies, election, voidance, recruitment of supervisor of student societies and meeting related issues.
3. To conduct the distribution of the budget in the Extra-Curricular Activities Section, verify and grant the expense of student societies activities.
4. To conduct the Graduate Ceremony and related affairs.
5. To conduct the ranking of student societies.
6. To conduct the registration of students publishing and subsidies affairs.
7. To supervise academic and arts societies, and charity and voluntary societies.
8. To supervise and guide voluntary camps during summer and winter vacations.
9. To conduct the student society's service plans advocated by the MoE, such as: College societies promote the development of societies in primary and high schools, The camps during winter and summer vacations in educational prior areas.
10. To conduct the application and voidance of "Youth voluntary service" of the National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan.
11. To supervise academic and arts societies, and charity and voluntary societies to apply for subsidies.
12. To maintain the "Registration system for student's participation in extra-curricular activities".
13. Other assigned tasks.

Telephone 05-534-2601Ext.2322

NAME  Lin Yi-Lun Title Assistant  

1. To conduct the compueralization, maintanence of web pages of the Extra-Curricular Activities Section and assist the making the web pages of student societies.
2. To conduct the loan and the maintainence of student activities center and equipments.
3. To conduct the document exchange and management.
4. To conduct the statistic data of various activities of the Extra-Curricular Activities Section.
5. Management of the poster related issues in the student activities center.
6. To audit the receipt of student societies activities.
7. To management and coordinate part-time working students related affairs.
8. To conduct "X'mas serial" and related activities.
9. To conduct Art Festival and related affiars.
10. Other assigned tasks.

Telephone 05-534-2601Ext.2325
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