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Our Goals and Principles of Service

  Officer of Student Affairs_Team Members and Duties
Chen, Chi-Chang
1. In charge of student affairs following the policy of the Principle. 
2. To plan and supervise military education work. 
3. Other related affairs. 
4. Researches on related projects.
Telephone 05-534-2601Ext.2300

Name Lu, Su-Huei Title Secretary
Duties 1. To handle the general affairs in the OSA.
2. To handle and coordinate the student affairs of the Central area Universities.
3. To plan and coordinate working projects in OSA.
4. To enact student affairs related regulations.
5. To conduct and execute Student Affairs Committee.
6. To control the budget of the OSA.
7. To conduct every meeting and activities in the OSA. 8. Other related affairs.
Telephone 05-534-2601Ext. 2301

Name Kuo, Mei-Yun Title Fellow Worker

1. To assist related tasks in the OSA.
2. Documents communication and exchange.
3. Other assign tasks.

Telephone 05-534-2601Ext.2303
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