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Our Goals and Principles of Service

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The aim to establish Office of Students Affairs is to inspire students to develop accurate concepts, the ability of leadership, strong builds, wholesome personalities and campus ethics. On the basis of legitimacy, to advocate the democracy and the atmosphere of liberal, as well as the spirit of the liberty, democracy and legitimacy. To allow students to enjoy freedom and meanwhile observe the law and regulations. To incorporate education into life so as to make students self-consistent. 


Office of Students Affairs aims to carry out the autonomic system. To uplift the spirit of self-initiation, self-motivation, self-control and self-adoration. To enhance teacher-student interaction along with an atmosphere of mutual understanding, mutual trust, and mutual respect on the campus. To put all teachers’ efforts together to promote students’ mental well-being by providing consultations and guidance in daily lives. To encourage students to participate in school-oriented affairs in order to reinforce the affirmation towards the school and further to frame a disposition of loving school.

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